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Dark chocolate alpaca spinning

Mis à jour : avr. 17

I have had this alpaca fleece in my stock for a few years, I put a few handfuls of fibers in my spinning from time to time and containment obliges I am sorting out my stock.

By spinning my alpaca yarns and Upcycling yarns beam front and back loom , I realized that the yarn was sufficient on its own, so I took the bag where the fleece was and I spilled it on the lawn of the garden

Here is the pile I had left, it must be said that I had already mixed it with other fibers such as merino for example

The two piles, sorting, what I keep and what I throw away for example what is too short or too dirty and felted

The fleece in the bag, it takes up as much space as when it was not yet sorted, a cedar for the moths (I do not know if it is effective but in the meantime I have not yet had the visit of these devourers of wool for the past seven years that I have been storing sheep's wool)

I started by testing the passage to the carder to see what is the most interesting to spin

A fiber batts after going through the carding machine, it looks like hair

Spinning the first spool, I will need at least one more to twist the thread on itself

The fibers have a nice length and will allow me to make a strong single yarn

Then I tested with the comb of my cats, it is more laborious and there is more loss of fleece, finally when spinning, there is no difference between the two methods, for this alpaca

The skein is 66 grams and 270 m, if I still needed thread for a work, I still have black alpaca (dark brown) in stock

All the dark chocolate alpaca threads, I will keep everything together and make a work with it, this gives me a total of 418 grams for 1158 meters

The two cakes have a thinner thread, 186 m and 90 grams for the multicolored thread

The yarn with lurex is 120 m for 48 grams

The plain yarn is the most supplied with 852 m and 280 grams

Twisted chocolate alpaca spinning German sheep tinted thuja

Among my fleeces in stock I have alpaca, I spun it as a single but the yarn is too fragile for me to use it as it is. As I still had some thuja-tinted German sheep, I twisted it with a few whimsies here and there.

The yarn is soft but remains rustic despite everything, I have 90 g of fancy wool for 140m

This yarn was used to make this weft yarn scarf, it is on sale in the shop here: